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Integrative & Holistic approach

Root Cause Medicine Lindsey Emerling Integrative Medicine

Are you someone who has 


Consulted with multiple physicians, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, specialists and other healthcare providers with minimal or no success?


Are you someone who has been diagnosed with IBS, SIBO, or other chronic digestive conditions?


Do you feel like you’ve “tried it all” ?


Do you suspect or perhaps you have been told you have a thyroid imbalance, adrenal fatigue, or other hormonal imbalance?


Have you spent thousands of dollars on bags of supplements?


Do you feel you live an overall healthy lifestyle, yet still can’t get to the bottom of why you are struggling?


Have you spent thousands of $ on lab testing only to be labeled with a disease and no solution? (I believe it’s important to be very intentional when it comes to labs)


Or maybe you have been offered many “band aid” solutions that did not offer a real solution?


I totally get where you are coming from. 


I’ve worked with hundreds of women like you who have expressed to me their current struggles when it comes to healthcare. 


I know that a lot of you are frustrated with your current health care providers.  


I know you deeply desire to feel heard and understood.  More importantly, I know you are looking for effective solutions to finally be free from the symptoms you’ve had for many years. 

Root Cause Medicine is the missing link in your healing and transformation process.  Discovering what the underlying etiologies (causes) of your symptoms is an important initial step when it comes to recovering from chronic conditions. 

The core principles that I incorporate with all of my clients include the following:


Addressing the foundations: this includes taking a deep dive in nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. I fully believe that mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being are inseparable from physical health. 


Addressing Inflammation, opening drainage pathways, and optimizing Mitochondrial function:  Strengthening the body’s overall physiology & biology.


Detoxification: Supporting organ function to properly and safely expel toxins ( mould, artificial hormones, ammonia, environmental toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, glyphosate, harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungus/yeast, viruses, parasites)


Cultivating resilience: I believe in medicine that addresses root causes and not only symptoms. By treating the root cause, you will have the opportunity to achieve lasting results and set an excellent foundation to avoid symptoms from returning. 

It is a firm belief of mine that a holistic and integrative approach is a requirement to achieve optimal wellness. 


  • Functional Medicine + Clinical Testing (if required)

  • Ancestral Wisdom + Mother Nature 

  • Personalized and bio-individual nutrition and lifestyle       

  • Ancient Healing Wisdom including Traditional Chinese Medicine


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Service Offerings

1x 90 min comprehensive intake

and initial consultation


Personalized protocol including nutritional

& lifestyle recommendations 

2x 30 minute sessions (Valid up to 6 months)

Direct access to me to answer any questions

and additional support via your PracticeBetter portal 


Foundational Wellness Optimization:

$497 USD (paid in full)

1x 90 min. Comprehensive intake and initial consultation

Personalized 6 month program - updated throughout 

5x 30 minute sessions 

Unlimited access to me


Advanced Wellness Optimization:

$1,200 USD


"I was diagnosed with SIBO a few years ago and have been struggling with severe bloating and frequent diarrhea ever since.  After working with a Naturopath and GI doctor in the past, I was disappointed with the lack of improvement.  When I first spoke with Lindsey, she highlighted the exact reasons why the previous approaches did not work well for me.  After just a couple of months implementing everything Lindsey provided me, I started to feel like myself again!  Healthy bowel movements are now my new normal!  Lindsey is a miracle worker and I am so grateful to have found her"

Samantha H

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My diverse and comprehensive background and experience

allows me to provide a deeper dive into your health including:


  • Assessing underlying causes and triggers of physiological dysfunction

  • Gaining a greater understanding of how to properly nourish your body 

  • Utilizing the power of evidence based practices and modalities that will improve your quality of life 

  • Preparing an effective and targeted protocol to help you achieve your wellness goals 

  • Educating you on how you can develop long term resilience 


Working with me 1 on 1 is a good fit for you if:


  • You are ready and willing to finally take control of your health 

  • You are ready to make the necessary changes to experience life long transformation 

  • You are open to improvement and love to learn 


Book your Complimentary Health Transformation Session:


Are you ready to fully commit to transforming your health?

Let’s find out if we are a good fit to work together.

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